Elements Imaging is a website showcasing fine art landscapes photographed by Troy Casswell.  As a Sunshine Coast based landscape and nature photographer, Troy has been capturing landscape panoramas since 2005.  The Sunshine Coast, having some amazing scenery, has been the perfect playground to learn and progress.  Through much experimentation and exploration, Troy has developed a unique style that emphasizes colour and perspective.  With thorough knowledge of meteorology, his camera equipment and available processing techniques, Troy continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in landscape photography.  With a passion to capture a landscape in all its glory, Troy maintains a close eye on wind, cloud, tide and swell conditions for the perfect photographic opportunity.  Its all about the lighting and other conditions coming together at the one time, and sometimes only lasts a few minutes.  Not bound by the boarders of the Sunshine Coast, Troy plans to continue travelling to all parts of Australia chasing the perfect landscape.

Through diligent photography techniques on site and careful post processing, Troy produces crisp, rich and vibrant photographs bursting with life and colour.  Troy uses an Canon EOS 5D Mark II, quality lenses and a panoramic tripod head that he custom built himself.  Multiple shot panoramas, when seamlessly stitched together, allow pixel sharp image resolutions over 100 megapixels in all sorts of perspectives. Troy, being Aquarian, loves the water, which is why it features some much in his landscapes.  Not satisfied being land bound with photography and having a surfing background, Troy has made the natural progression of venturing into the water with his camera after purchasing a surf housing.

This year is going to be an exciting year with lots of new and fresh ideas, so be sure to bookmark and check this site for new material.