Coolum Dawn in Time Panorama - W.jpgTea Tree Serenity Vista - Ws.jpgNatural Bridge Afternoon Serenity Vista - W.jpgMoffat Head Sunrise III - W.jpgWhich Way - Left or Right - W.jpgDaybreak at Moffat Head - W.jpgReaching Out - W.jpgEyeballing Coolum - W.jpgLittle Oberon Bay Panorama - W.jpgGranite Bay Daybreak Vista - W.jpgMoffat Head Sunrise Panorama II - W.jpgBream Under the Winter Sunshine - W.jpgNatural Bridge Afternoon Delight Vista - W.jpgCoolum From Behind a Breaking Wave - W.jpgVortex Trails - W.jpgDeep Inside a Peregian Righthander - W.jpgWhiskey Beach Sunset - WS.jpgSmiling Peregian Barrel - WS.jpgDevils Kitchen at Peace - WS.jpgFroggys Flare II - W.jpgWreck-W.jpgCoolumSecondBay071003b - W.jpgLeft or Right - WS.jpgSerenity Water Curtain Vista - WS.jpgGranite Dusk Pano - W.jpgFirst Bay Dawn Panorama.jpgSunrise Beach Leftie - W.jpgSerenity Stream Panorama - WS.jpgGranite - W.jpgSerenity Stream - W.jpgYaroombaPano1Crop - W.jpgExploding Wave Form - W.jpgKondalilla Falls Sunset - W.jpgDeep Inside at Sunrise Beach - W.jpgRidgeback - W.jpgCartwright Pandanus - W.jpgCoolum Sunset - Equ - W.jpgYaroomba Afternoon Barrel - W.jpgBellTower-RectT - W.jpgBusseltonJetty1 - W.jpgFroggys Flare - W.jpgGraniteGumTree-W.jpgHopetownFalls - W.jpgCoolumDawnVedu - WS.jpgBream Under a Breaking Wave - W.jpgMorning Barrel at Sunrise Beach - W.jpgCoolumSecondBay071003 - W.jpgPerthJettyPanoPlanet - W.jpgKondalilla Falls Waterhole - WS.jpgPerthJettyPanoRect - W.jpgPlatforms in Motion.jpgCurtain of Light.jpgRiverfirePanoCropped-Full.jpgSerenity Falls Panorama - WS.jpgSunset Whirlpool.jpgTwelveApostlesSunsetSM - W.jpgWreckCyl-W.jpgUnder a Sunrise Beach Barrel - W.jpgCoolum Dawn in Time Planet - W.jpgGranite Bay Blue - W.jpgGranite Bay Dawn Panorama - W.jpgGranite Bay Daybreak Panorama - W.jpgGranite Pandanus Panorama - W.jpgNatural Bridge Afternoon Sunlight Panorama - W.jpgPoint Arkwright Pandanus Panorama - W.jpgPoint Arkwright Panorama - W.jpgTea Tree Serenity Panorama - Ws.jpg
Welcome to Elements Imaging, a website showcasing fine art landscape, nature and surf photography by Troy Casswell.  Troy is a Sunshine Coast landscape photographer and in his galleries,  images of Noosa, Coolum, Yaroomba, Mooloolaba, Point Cartwright, Caloundra and many other great vantage points along the Sunshine Coast are displayed in all their glory.  In addition to the wonderful Sunshine Coast scenery in his galleries, Troy has ventured Australia wide chasing the perfectly lit landscape.  Some of these places include the Great Ocean Road, Wilson’s Promontory, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and the NSW coast.  Seascapes, rainforests, waterfalls, jetties and piers, cities and shipwrecks all feature in his work.

With a long time love of the ocean, Troy also ventures into the surf with his camera capturing the place all surfers like to be – inside the barrel.  Capturing these beautifal waterforms are a fun, challenging and fulfilling aspect of his work.

Browse his ever expanding photo galleries and enjoy!